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Simplify event logistics and manage ticket sales, attendee registration, and merchandise on your own comprehensive platform.

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Sell Digital and Printed Tickets

Unlock the power of your own dedicated ticketing and event registration platform. Take full ownership and control of all sales and customer data.

Seamless Checkout Experience
Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for customers to purchase tickets. The intuitive design ensures a smooth and efficient checkout, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Digital & Printed Tickets
Deliver tickets via email, text, or WhatsApp. Attendees can present tickets on their phones or print them. Scan tickets at the door for efficient entry and enjoy on-demand ticket printing.
Tickets Management
Easily process orders, send payment links, and track registrations. Manage your events, tickets, and attendees from a powerful dashboard.
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Everything your event needs

Premium Ticketing for Exclusive Experiences

Sell Meet & Greets, VIP Experiences, and more with your branded ticketing platform.

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Simple no-tricks pricing

Our pricing is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden fees. Keep 100% of your ticket sales.

Only Pay per Digital Tickets Sold

Experience the full power of Venco with our comprehensive event management platform. From ticket sales to attendee management, our platform offers all the features you need.

What’s included

  • All Venco Features
  • Shared Server
  • Advanced Analytics
  • API Integration
  • SMS and WhatsApp
  • Custom Emails
  • Fully Branded
  • Event Registration
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Multi Currency
  • Multiple Staff Members
  • VOD & Streaming Support
  • Cashless Support
  • Multiple Events
  • Customizable Fees

Per Completed Order


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No Startup Costs or Annual Fees, No Contracts Required, Pass On or Absorb Fees.

Main Features

Your event's platform can be fully customized, we can add the features you need and remove the ones you don't use. Third-party integrations can also be implemented. Here are some of the standard features.


Create all your In-Person, Online, or Hybrid Events. Combine different events in the same registration form.

Flexible Ticketing

Sell QR Codes individually or in bulk, automatically delivered upon payment, and create offline orders or courtesy tickets.

Manage Users

Access in Real-time all your user's data, review, update and manage all the information with ease.

Event Registration

Create custom event registration forms, ask the questions that matter, including the relevant events or tickets, and capture the data you need.

Reports Dashboard

View Real-time analytics of important key measurements of your events, plus one-click data export to excel.

Event's Website

Don't have a website for your event? Venco includes landing, event, schedule, and custom public pages to complete your online presence.

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Customize your event with the Venco UI, or use the built-in templates to get started.


Accept payments with Venco's payment gateway, or integrate with your own payment gateway.


Integrate with your own systems, or integrate with Venco's built-in integrations.


Access your data in real-time, or integrate with your own systems using the Venco API.


Secure your data with Venco's built-in security features, or integrate with your own security solutions.


View Real-time analytics of important key measurements of your events, plus one-click data export to excel.


Automate your event with Venco's built-in automation features, or integrate with your own automation solutions.

Merch Shop

Sell Products, and merchandise, and create auctions through Venco's built-in merch shop.


Send out newsletters, or integrate with your own newsletter solution like Moosend, Mailchimp, or others.

Mobile App

Get the Venco app for your mobile device, or integrate it with your own mobile app.

Events Check-In

Check in your attendees using our IOS or Android App, or integrate with your own check-in solution.

3rd Party Payment Gateways

Integrate custom payment gateways using the Venco API.

Transfer Orders to other users

Transfer orders to other users, or integrate with your own transfer solution.

Seating Map

Organized Seating for Events

For some events seating charts are a must, having a seating chart can be super handy for keeping you, your event, and your guests organized. Whether it’s for a dinner party or a reception, a clearly-designed seating chart can help your guests find their way to their designated seats or tables with minimum fuss.

Fully Customizable
Control event entry and exit, along with who can go where within your event. Manage access to VIP, backstage, catering and other areas.
Manage Seating
Cashless Payments increase consumer spending by 15-30% and reduce transaction time, resource usage, and the cost associated with cash handling.
Example of a seating chart

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